Inspiration “Escape Naturally”

level25 relaxation beverage and sleep shot drink founder Larry DeAngelis

I decided to start the Level25 natural relaxation and sleep aid supplement after shockingly finding out my children were experiencing a great deal of stress and anxiety in their 20’s. For me, my 20’s were a time of fun and friends and very little stress. I started asking questions and trying to come up with a solution to this problem.

For years, our society has medicated and escaped from stress through alcohol and prescription drugs. These intoxicants only eventually lead to more stress and anxiety as well as depression and addiction problems. How could we break the cycle? There had to be something natural out there that could “take the edge off” and allow the body and mind to get the proper rest it needs.

Well, it wasn’t easy to find and after many failed attempts I stumbled upon a formula that was the perfect combination of natural ingredients, which are all known to relax the body and mind and promote better quality sleep and rest. Level25 is a premium product and is formulated from the best natural ingredients available in the proper dosages to deliver a fast result. Rest Assured! In 25 minutes or less.

We are all part of a time I like to call “Generation Stress™”. Maybe this is because of the proliferation of smartphones, social media but everyone is constantly bombarded with millions of messages a day. Maybe, we are just simply living too fast. We, at Level25, believe it is important to slow down and give the body and mind the rest it needs. Level25 does just that.

Founder & Managing Partner
Larry DeAngelis

Special Note: I could not have done this without the help of my team. Many thanks, Jeff, Josh, Chuck, Theresa and Bill.


“Level25 is the first natural product that actually helps me get the rest I need. I have tried everything and I mean everything. This stuff really works great!!”  — Chuck R.